Project Details

  • Location: McPherson, KS
  • Client: Hutton
  • General Contractor: Hutton
  • Services: MEP Engineering

Plastics Extrusion Machinery LLC (PEM) in McPherson, Kansas, is an industry-leading provider of quality downstream equipment in the PVC pipe and custom profile industries. When they were ready to build a new facility in 2021, they wanted to create a space that was not only conducive to their unique electrical needs for CNC and welding equipment, they also wanted a place that made employees feel valued and appreciated.

PEM defies the “dusty, dirty, dangerous” manufacturing stereotype. The building is open, bright and clean, with ample work spaces for each employee at their work station. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the building, PEM installed one thing that many manufacturers do not: air conditioning. At their prior facility, they only had industrial fans to move air around on the manufacturing floor, meaning conditions were miserable when it would get as high as 105 degrees in the summer.

An elaborate 6,000 square feet welding space with dedicated exhaust, and curtains to control the pathway of soot and debris gives PEM staff the space and safety they need to complete projects. They also have the flexibility to move welding equipment around on the fly if necessary.

Specialized electrical and exhaust solutions meet the needs of brand new technology, and equipment such as CNC machines, cranes, plasma tables, water jet tables and paint booths. PEM offers a unique product and prides itself on not only the quality of their work, but the quality of their workplace.

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