Project Details

  • Location: Hoisington, KS
  • Architect: GMCN Architects
  • Owner: Hoisington Schools USD #431
  • General Contractor: Nabholz Construction
  • Services: MEP Engineering

The students of USD 431 in Hoisington, Kansas, successfully helped pass their bond issue by engaging the community in school tours, pointing out things along the way that were unsafe or out of date. They were able to build a brand new Lincoln Elementary School right on the same grounds as the old school. Though it was a new build, the construction team was presented with the challenge of keeping a tight footprint, as a portion of the school butted up very closely to the old school–less than 15 feet away.

Integrated Consulting Engineers (ICE) was brought in to ensure that the new school building had all the amenities and necessities to be successful–data cabling, fire alarm systems, coordinated clocks, intercoms, lighting, and of course an efficient HVAC system.

Previously, the school had window AC units, and teachers have been amazed at how quiet their new classrooms are. And with a Variable Refrigerant Flow system, building temperature is more easily regulated, without the hot and cold pockets staff had grown accustomed to.

For lighting, ICE installed super-efficient instant on/off LEDs, which were a drastic improvement over the old lights in the gymnasium that used to take 10-15 minutes to fire up. ICE also helped install a new commercial kitchen, which was a big improvement over the old kitchen that was served by a window air conditioner. There’s proper ventilation, and the kitchen staff is grateful to have a safe, healthy, proper work space that’s fully up to code.

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Featured Project Testimonial

“They do a great job for us, and we are very happy with the quality of products they design. Their attention to detail and covering all aspects of their scope of work on each project is second-to-none. We don’t have issues during construction because their thorough drawings make it easy for the contractors to construct the project per design.”

Stewart Nelson GMCN Architects