Project Details

  • Location: Wichita, KS
  • Architect: Shelden Architecture
  • General Contractor: Simpson Construction
  • Services: MEP Engineering

The Heartland Credit Union on North Maize Road in Wichita, Kansas is not your typical financial institution. At 13,500 sq. ft. and two stories tall, it offers not only a multi-function community room and two 17′ x 10’ outdoor video boards, but also a top-of-the-line environmentally friendly HVAC system.

The elaborate ground source geothermal HVAC system circulates water 600 feet into the ground, where it reaches either a higher or lower temp than the surface, is brought back up and used to circulate conditioned air into the building to achieve a steady, comfortable temperature in an incredibly energy efficient, quiet manner.

Clients and staff are not only supported with comfortable temperatures in the credit union but also the comfort of knowing that a diesel generator with uninterruptible power is available. Imagine being right in the middle of a major financial transaction, and the power goes out. With this system, it’s a seamless transition to the backup power, and business can continue as usual.

With multiple security needs considered and addressed, large outdoor video boards, a multi-purpose community room that can be separated off from the rest of the building, and the unique ground source geothermal HVAC system, Heartland Credit Union has a location that not only meets their needs, but exceeds expectations.

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