Project Details

  • Location: Dodge City, KS
  • Architect: GLMV Architecture
  • Owner: Dodge City Public Schools USD #443
  • General Contractor: Hutton
  • Services: MEP Engineering

When the Dodge City school district decided they needed a bigger facility to house administration, they came up with a unique solution. They already owned the civic center, which was used to host the circus and other big events, so they decided to build next to it and connect the two buildings. They enlisted the help of Integrated Consulting Engineers (ICE) to make sure everything was as efficient as possible.

Instead of putting in only a new chilled water system, ICE came up with a unique approach: a thermal ice system that worked for both buildings, that could toggle back and forth as needed. At night, with cooler temps, thermal ice storage is created. During the day, in peak times, water is run through the ice tanks to cool the air, so compressors and chillers aren’t running all the time.

Also installed was a new steam heater for the civic center, which was tied as a backup to the hot water boiler, creating not only a comfortable environment, but an efficient system for this large building.

The combined chilled water/hot water central plant provides 360 tons of cooling and 180 thermal tons of ice storage feeding the variable air volume system. This unique system has created tremendous energy savings for the school district. They went from 12-14 cents per kilowatt hour to 3.2 cents per kilowatt hour.

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Featured Project Testimonial

“Our partnership with Integrated Consulting Engineers is solid. They listen to our requests, customize solutions and provide high-value projects, making sure we are completely satisfied. Being open-minded and flexible, they are always able to meet our budget. I highly recommend working with them because they listen, respond, and deliver quality engineering design.”

Chris Meyer USD 443