Car Dealerships Projects

Integrated Consulting Engineers, Inc. strives to create energy-conscious, cost-effective design solutions for our car dealership clients. Our firm continues to develop improved strategies for the new construction and renovation of car dealerships. We have worked on numerous car dealership facilities throughout the state of Kansas.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our engineers can assist you with car wash bays, dealership vendor coordination, direct vehicle exhaust systems, factory-driven renovations, service bays, showroom lighting, site lighting, sustainable designs, ventilation management, and wastewater management. We understand that technology needs to be constantly adapted to sustain automotive sales. We will provide the engineering solutions needed to accommodate amenities for customers, such as lounges outfitted with computers, gaming stations, televisions, and wireless internet.

Why Choose Us

In all of our car dealership projects, we offer high-quality mechanical and electrical engineering services that are innovative, energy efficient, and cost effective. We recognize that all projects must be highly efficient with respect to building envelope, mechanical systems indoor air quality, building daylighting, and electrical power distribution.

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