Vantage Building

  • Owner: Vantage Point Properties
  • Mechanical Construction Cost: $900,000
  • Size: 42,000 square feet
  • General Contractor: Donlinger & Sons
  • Mechanical Contractor: CMW, Inc.
  • Completion Date: 2007

Our Mission

Stinson Morrison Hecker, Downing Foundation, Stelbar Oil, and Vantage Point Properties are major tenants located in this new 42,000 SF Class A office building. Located in the Wichita Water Front, a focal point to this extraordinary building is a 6500 gallon, 22 foot long by 8 foot tall salt water fish tank. Integrated Consulting Engineers, Inc. carefully designed an HVAC system that maintains tight temperature and humidity control in the life support area adjacent to the tank. Additional attention was given in the HVAC system to ensure humidity and odors did not migrate into the Lobby. The remainder of the building utilizes three commercial variable air volume rooftop units sized to handle the tight temperature and humidity requirements of the buildings tenants. Several of the tenants have computer rooms which required dedicated HVAC systems.

How We Achieved It

A penthouse boiler room contains the building’s two hot water boilers, pump, expansion tanks, glycol feed systems and DDC system components.

The architects desire for high volume spaces, and the owners desire for a cost efficient structural system required close coordination between our HVAC engineers, the structural engineer, and the installing contractor.

Acoustics were a sensitive issue with this building; our engineers evaluated the acceptable noise levels and specified attenuation devices to ensure occupant satisfactions.

The custom roof mounted RTU’s included 100% economizer control, which allows for additional outside air to be introduced into the building to provide free cooling when outdoor conditions allow. The units were also specified with controls to allow cooling capacity modulation, as well as exhaust fans which allow greater control of building pressurization when in the economizer mode.

Direct digital controls were installed to allow for maximum systems efficiency, while allowing the owner the ability to monitor and adjust system set points as deemed necessary.

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