North Rock Office Building

  • Owner: North Rock Office Building
  • Mechanical Construction Cost: $1,785,000
  • Size: 78,000 square feet
  • General Contractor: Key Construction
  • Mechanical Contractor: 3R Mechanical
  • Completion Date: Under Construction

Our Mission

To convert a single level 30,000 SF movie theater into a 78,000 square foot, three floor Class A office building.

We will use teamwork to assemble all the designers, engineers, and contractors needed to go from the start of design to project completion in seven months.

We’ll demand flexibility among all the team members to work under the constraints of a fast-track project, and to ensure all construction, architectural and engineering details are high priorities.

We successfully integrated the vision, team work and flexibility with electrical, structural and architectural systems in respect to the mechanical systems.

How We’re Achieving It

This fast track project involved the adaptive reuse renovation of an existing movie theater into a new three story Class A office space, with the existing roof being removed and a third floor rising above the former roof elevation. Several new 9’-0” wide windows were cut into the existing walls to maximize natural daylight into the office spaces and to create a dramatic appearance of the third floor glass window wall. With energy efficiency in mind, Integrated Consulting Engineers recommended an insulating double pane window system with tinted low-e glass be installed. This recommendation economized the HVAC systems and allowed the building owner to realize reduced energy costs, and the building tenant to experience a thermally comfortable space.

Integrated Consulting Engineers, Inc. acknowledges that long lead items such as custom rooftop units, fan terminal units, boilers, pumps, etc. affect construction scheduling. Our engineers worked with the Owner, Occidental Management Inc., to pre-purchase much of the equipment, and in turn realized a significant construction cost saving.

The mechanical system for this building consists of a variable air volume HVAC system with hydronic heat. Two boilers were specified to provide space heating, and morning warm-up functions. Two 90 ton and one 50 ton custom rooftop units provide space cooling and building pressurization. Energy recovery ventilators pre-condition the ventilation air to further enhance building energy efficiency.

With energy conservation in mind, the custom roof mounted HVAC units included 100% economizer control, which allows for additional outside air to be introduced into the building to provide free cooling when outdoor conditions allowed. The units were also specified with exhaust fans which allow greater control of building pressurization when in the economizer mode.

Direct digital controls were installed to allow for maximum systems efficiency, while allowing the owner the ability to monitor and adjust system set points, and to set occupied and unoccupied set point as deemed necessary.

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