Delta Dental

  • Owner: Delta Dental of Kansas
  • Mechanical Construction Cost: $950,000
  • Size: 41,500 square feet
  • General Contractor: Rainbow Construction
  • Mechanical Contractor: Waldinger Corporation
  • Completion Date: 2005

Our Mission

Integrated Consulting Engineers are honored to be a part of the Delta Dental of Kansas design team. Located in the beautiful Wichita Water Front area, this facility is a corner stone for the entire development.

The buildings HVAC system is a hybrid of a traditional fan powered variable air volume system and an under floor air distribution (UFAD) system.

How We Achieved It.

The UFAD system utilizes a raised floor concept for air distribution. This system provides optimal thermal comfort, improved indoor air quality, and reduced energy usage. By combining the HVAC system with all major power, voice, and data cabling installed in an easily accessible service plenum under the raised floor, significant benefits can be realized in terms of increased flexibility with building reconfiguration

A first floor boiler room contains all the equipment required for the building’s heating system. Two hot water boilers were selected based on building heat loss and equipment efficiencies. A primary/secondary pump scheme was utilized to circulate heating water to the buildings’ four commercial rooftop units, to the individual fan powered variable air volume boxes, and perimeter under-floor terminal units.

With energy conservation a high priority, the custom roof-mounted HVAC units include 100% economizer control. This allows for additional outside air to be introduced into the building to provide free cooling when outdoor conditions allowed. The units are also specified with exhaust fans which allow greater control of building pressurization when in the economizer mode.

Direct digital controls are installed to allow for maximum systems efficiency, while allowing the owner the ability to monitor and adjust system set points as deemed necessary.

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