List of Jobs

Educational Facilities
Wichita USD 259
Alvin Morris Administration Center
Benton Elementary Additions & Renovations
Black Elementary Additions & Renovations
Bostic Elementary Renovations
Bryant Elementary Additions & Renovations
Carter Elementary School
Cessna Elementary School
Clark Elementary School
Cloud Elementary School
Curtis Elementary School
Curtis Middle School Additions & Renovations
Franklin Elementary School Additions & Renovations
Gardiner Elementary School
Greiffenstein Special Education Center
Harry Street Elementary
Heights High School Additions & Renovations
Irving Elementary
Jessie L. Clark Elementary Additions & Renovations
Kiln Projects
Lawrence Elementary
Linwood Elementary Additions & Renovations
Mayberry Middle School Additions & Renovations
McLean Elementary Additions & Renovations
Metro Boulevard High School Additions & Renovations
Metro Meridian Elementary School Additions & Renovations
Metro Midtwon Elementary School Additions & Renovations
Minneha Core Magnet Elementary School Additions & Renovations
Northeast Magnet Theatrical Lighting
Northwest High School
OK Elementary Additions & Renovations
OK Elementary Water Source Heat Pump Replacement
Peterson Elementary
South High School
Southeast High School
Stanley Elementary School
Wilbur Middle School
Kapaun Mount Carmel
Phase III Gymnasium & Locker Room
Commons Expansion
Andover USD 385
Meadowlark Elementary HVAC Renovations
New Andover Elementary School
El Dorado USD 490
Middle School HVAC Modifications
High School Additions & Renovations
Salina USD 305
Steward Elementary School Renovations & Additions
New Lakewood Middle School
New Cottonwood Elementary School
Grace E. Stewart Elementary Additions & Renovations
Sunset Elementary Additions & Renovations
Lebo Waverly USD 243
Lebo K-12 School Additions & Renovations
Waverly Elementary School Additions & Renovations
Waverly High School Additions & Renovations
Wabaunsee East USD 330
K-8 Building Addition
Winfield USD 465
Irving Elementary New HVAC System Upgrades
High School Additions & Renovations
High School Career Center Remodel
Middle School Mechanical Systems Upgrades
Cherokee USD 247
Elementary School Classroom
Cheney USD 288
Elementary School Additions & Renovations
Tabor College
New Sports Stadium
Remington USD 206
High School Renovations
Middle School Renovations
Elementary School Renovations
Friends University
Green Hall Center Renovations
Garvey Athletic Facility
Newman University
Sports & Fine Arts Theatre
University Dining Hall
University Green Hall
Conway Springs USD 356
Mechanical System Evaluations & Upgrades
Stockton USD 271
Mechanical System Evaluations & Upgrades
Renwick / Colwich USD 267
Mechanical System Evaluations & Upgrades
Marion USD 408
Mechanical System Evaluations & Upgrades
South Haven USD 509
Mechanical System Evaluations & Upgrades
Neodesha USD 461
HVAC Evaluations & Renovations
Ulysses USD 214
Mechanical System Evaluations & Upgrades
Dodge City USD 443
New High School
Frontenac USD 249
Elementary School Additions & Renovations
High School Science Lab HVAC Renovations
Haysville USD 261
New Middle School
New Elementary School
Nelson Elementary School Renovations
Freeman Elementary School Renovations
Rex Elementary School Renovations
Oakville Elementary School Renovations
Campus High School Additions
Colt Stadium
Wellington USD 353
Eisenhower Elementary Renovations
Kennedy Elementary Additions
Lincoln Elementary Additions & Renovations
Washington Elementary Renovations
High School New Facility
Vo-Ag Building New Facility
Middle School Renovations

Commercial Facilities
Wiley Building
Legg Manufacturing
Koch Training Rooms
SC Telcom
Reno County Energy
Lane County Courthouse
Dean & DeLuca
North Rock Office Building
Allen Gibbs & Houlik
Wichita Aquila Office
Water Walk Offices
Boyd Investments
Vantage Point Properties
Delta Dental of Kansas
Vess Oil in the Waterfront
Feist Corporate Headquarters
Building Solutions Office
North Rock Corporate Lodging
Craig Allen’s
AAA Storage
Liberal Aquila
Newmont Office Building

Public Service Buildings
Wichita Fire Station #20, 21, 22
Colby Fire Station
Fredonia Fire Department
McPherson Fire Department Remodel & Additions
Liberal Fire Station
Solomon Fire Station
Reno-Kingman Joint Fire District #1
E.M.S. Administration Stillwell Complex Improvements
Sylvia Fire Station
Andover Police Department
Bucklin Safety Center

Medical Facilities
Andover Medical Clinic
Center for Women’s Health
Dr. Hulling’s Orthodontist
Harper Hospital Addition
Harper Hospital Generator Upgrade
Hutchinson Clinic
Hutchinson Hospital
Kansas Joint & Spine Institute
Kansas Orthopedic Center
Kansas Veteran’s Home
Kearney County Hospital
Lubbock Heart Hospital
McPherson Hospital Generator
McPherson Hospital CT Scan
McPherson Hospital Pharmacy
Moeller Dermatology
Medicine Lodge Hospital
Newton Medical Center Patient Wing Expansion
Newton Surgery Center
Phillips County Medical Clinic
Plastic Surgery Center
Ridgewood ASC/MOB
Scott City Clinic Addition & Remodel
Sommerlon Medical Complex
VA Hospital Dental Renovation
VA Hospital Primary Care
VA Hospital Prosthetics
VA Hospital Hospice
Via Christi Regional Medical Center: West Campus Medical Office Building Winfield Healthcare Center Ronald McDonald House E.M.S. Remodel Administrative Suites Doctor Call Rooms Pediatrics Unit Remodel Isolation Rooms Family Practice
Waxahachie ASC
Wesley Medical Center
Western Plains Regional Hospital

Public Works Facilities
Fort Riley Tactical Maintenance Facility
Groendyke Truck Maintenance Facility
Western Motor Company Detail & Mechanic Buidling
Kansas State Fair New Maintenance Building
Finney County Department of Public Works New Office Building
Garden City Electric Service Center
Finney County Road Department Maintenance Shop Building
Garden City Electric Service Center
Finney County Road Department Maintenance Shop Building
Ford County Public Works Department Bucklin Safety Center
Sedgwick County Rural water District #3 Office & Maintenance Facility
Nowak Construction Office & Maintenance Shop
Trent’s Sheet Metal & Welding Shop
Finney County Transit New Bus Facility
Aquila New Office & Shop
Foley Tractor
Lane/Scott Electric Cooperative Service Buidings
Winfield Ag Shop Building
Park City Maintenance Building
AGCO Engineering Building

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