Wichita Clinic- Eberly Farms, Medical Office Building

  • Owner: Wichita Clinic
  • Mechanical Construction Cost: $850,000 approx.
  • Size: 37,000 square feet
  • General Contractor: Hutton Construction
  • Mechanical Contractor: Central Mechanical Wichita
  • Completion Date: 2005

Our Mission

Utilizing the Design Build concept, our engineers worked with the mechanical contractor to provide mechanical and plumbing engineering services for the 37,000 square foot facility.

How We Achieved It

The two story building contains family practice exam rooms, procedure rooms, mammography clinic, a dermatology area, and a pediatric area. An imaging area contains a CT scan facility. The MOB staff utilizes the clinical laboratories for analysis of samples.

The boiler room contains all the equipment required for efficient operation of the building including:

  • Two heating water boilers
  • Primary heating water pumps
  • Domestic Hot Water Generation
  • Fire Protection System

The building HVAC system consisted of two custom air handling units with humidification, DX cooling and hot water heating. With energy efficiency in mind, the building was provided with air-side economizers to permit free cooling when ambient conditions allow. The air distribution system utilizes a combination of variable air volume and constant volume reheat controls. Direct digital controls allow for maximum HVAC system efficiency, while giving the owner the ability to monitor and adjust system set points as deemed necessary. The plumbing system design required extensive coordination with the owner and the architect to ensure all requirements were addressed. The potable hot water distribution system was designed to ensure prompt and adequate water at each fixture.

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