Wichita- Clinic Founders Circle, Ambulatory Surgery Center

  • Owner: Wichita Clinic
  • Mechanical Construction Cost: $1.9 Million
  • Size: 30,800 square feet
  • General Contractor: Hutton Construction
  • Mechanical Contractor: Central Mechanical Wichita

Our Mission

Working in conjunction with the Design Build Team enabled our engineers to provide mechanical, plumbing and medical gas engineering services for the 30,800 square foot facility.

How We Achieved It.

The building houses an operating suite with eight OR’s with a option to add a future OR. In addition to the OR suite, Pre-Operative, Post-Operative and Reception areas were implemented into the building. This facility was designed attach to a new medical office building with a mechanical boiler room centered between the two buildings. The boiler room contains all the equipment required for efficient operation of the two buildings including:

  • Two heating water boilers
  • Two 200 ton air cooled chillers
  • Primary/secondary heating water pumps
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Medical Air Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Soft water systems
  • Water Heating Systems

The building HVAC system consisted of two custom, roof-mounted air handling units with constant volume reheat control. Humidification was provided in each air handling unit along with each operating room. The operating and isolation rooms were provided with HEPA filtration.

The plumbing and medical gas system required extensive coordination with the owner and the medical equipment supplier. Oxygen was provided from a bulk oxygen tank while nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide systems were provided from manifold cylinders. A potable hot water distribution system was designed to ensure point of use hot water on demand.

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