Kearny County Hospital

  • Owner: Kearny County
  • Size: 30,000 square feet of remodel space and 28,000 square feet of addition.
  • General Contractor: Hutton Construction
  • Mechanical Contractor: Tatro Plumbing
  • Completion Date: October 16, 2007
  • Contract Amount: $2,022,750.74

Our Mission

Provided mechanical and plumbing engineering services for the project, which included approximately 30,000 square feet of remodel space and 28,000 square feet of addition. The project included an assisted living addition, radiology and lab areas, LDRP, ER and MedSurg patient rooms, business office and full service kitchen and laundry.

How We Achieved It

The assisted living facility is served by a heat pump system providing cooling through the use of a cooling tower. Heat is provided by gas-fired boilers and heat exchangers. The remainder of the facility is served by a combination of air handling units and fan coil units. The air distribution system utilizes a combination of variable air volume and constant volume reheat control. Direct digital controls allow for maximum HVAC system efficiency, while allowing the owner the ability to monitor and adjust system set points as deemed necessary.

The plumbing and medical gas system required extensive coordination with the owner and medical equipment supplier. A new medical vacuum and medical air pump was provided, while the oxygen and nitrous oxide was extended from the existing manifold cylinders. The potable hot water distribution system was designed to ensure prompt and adequate water at each fixture.

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