Curtis Middle School

  • Owner: Wichita Public Schools, U.S.D. 259
  • Mechanical Construction Cost: $2,200,000
  • Size: Approx, 105,500 square feet
  • General Contractor: Snodgrass & Sons
  • Mechanical Contractor: Kruse Corporation
  • Completion Date: 2004

Our Mission

This project was funded as a part of the Wichita School Districts 289 million dollar infrastructure improvement project. Curtis Middle School was allocated approximately 4.6 million dollars to replace the entire steam heating system and plumbing systems in the 105,000 square foot building. This 1950’s vintage building utilized a perimeter tunnel system to route steam and condensate piping to unit ventilators and convectors.

How We Achieved It

Our staff performed site inspections and as-built drawings to determine acceptable piping for the new 4-pipe, heating/cooling system to be installed in the building. The project involved re-use of the existing steam boiler, installation of new steam to hot water heat exchangers, two 250 ton air-cooled chillers, primary/secondary heating water and chilled water piping systems, installation of 60 heating/cooling unit ventilators and 22 blower coil units.

Custom roof mounted air handling units provided space conditioning for high occupancy spaces such as the library, kitchen, and lunch rooms. Dedicated blower coil units were specified for the new science wing addition.

Concerned with the health of the students, and with energy usage, our engineers proposed and designed a CO2 detection system to modulate outside air dampers (open and closed) to maintain acceptable indoor air quality.

Web based direct digit controls, DDC, were installed to allow the district maintenance staff to monitor building equipment status, identify required maintenance, control building scheduling, monitor and adjust system set points as deemed necessary.

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